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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Tips for Dressing (Indian) at Different Occasions:

Many people all over the world love to wear Indian dresses but they are not able to complement their look as they are not able to choose the type of dress. If your skin tone is fair, one should go for gold with a blend of copper and she will look brilliant. If someone is whitish colored, she should wear mixed shades of white, light brown and bronzy golden. One must wear a dress or outfit in which he/she is comfortable and relaxed. If one is not comfortable with western dresses then she should try Indo western style of clothing. Do not wear tight clothes and should wear the clothes in which one looks slimmer. If one wants to appear taller, one should wear solid colors with simple lines. Following are described various typres of clothing for people at different ocassions:-

1. At Wedding girls can wear Anarkali Suits, Lehngas and Frock suits which adds grace to their beauty and for men’s, churidaar kurta with long Qameez can be worn, moreover now a days traditional salwar is also worn by boys with kurtas.

Fig.13. Anarkali Suit
2.     During Festivals like Diwali in India people used to wear traditional dresses like dhoti kurta or kurta pajama for men and churidaar with long qameez and Ghaghara choli are worn.
Fig. 14. Kurta Pajama

3.     At the times of Parties, Men use to wear formal dresses like pent and shirt with formal shoes, boys can wear sherwani’s. Girls can wear Punjabi suits, Anarkali suit, Pajami suit or Frock Suit.
Fig.15. Frock Suit
4.     For kids, there are trendy dresses for girls like frock suits, sarees and even lehngas with short cholis and matching accessories and there are fine series of dresses for baby boys which includes sherwani’s, kurta pajamas, salwar and achkans etc.

Fig.16. Kids at wedding


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